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Above: Chase with an impressive selection of peacock bass flies (photo credit Arian Stevens)

Right: Our Fishing Manager showing why the EP White Perch is one of his favorite trophy flies.

Why are we selling flies?
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We want our guests to be focused on the jungle experience instead of being distracted by wondering if they've got the right flies for the job.

There are a lot of fly suppliers out there, but it has been our experience that very few commercially tied flies are up to the task of the jungle.  Even some of the top fly suppliers' predator flies will fall apart after 2 or 3 fish.

Enrico Puglisi flies have consistently been the most productive, easiest to cast, and most durable flies that we have ever used. 

We catch an average of 800-900 fish per week with our guests.  Do you want to spend the day landing fish, or changing out flies that have fallen apart?