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Why are we selling Jigs?

We want our guests to be focused on the jungle experience instead of being distracted by wondering if they've got the right lure for the job.

The #1 lure for both quantity and quality for peacock bass is the buck-tail jig.  Not all jigs can hold up to our fish and this environment.  The NOMAD series of jigs are designed and tied by Michael Williams, Nomadic Waters' fishing manager.  He fishes with our guests every single day of our Season.  He knows exactly what color combos, sizes, and profiles that will entice our peacocks to strike.  

NOMAD Jigs: Built to produce.  Built to last!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Not all lures are created equal!  Especially when it comes to jungle fishing for peacock bass.  Even the good lure manufactures often cut corners by adding cheap hooks to a high quality lure.  The ritual of replacing manufacture's hooks with saltwater grade #2 treble hooks is a weekly occurrence on a Nomadic Waters trip.

Instead of wasting your time, just purchase the right lures in the first place!  As a courtesy to you, here's a list of our favorite peacock bass lures that are extremely well made and will absolutely crush our fish:


BOMBER SALTWATER GRADE: Badonk-A-Donk HP in Red head flash, Bone/orange, Gold/black

SEBILE: Magic Swimmer in Firetiger gold, Bone

HIGHROLLER: Rip Roller (5.5")  Holloween, Pearle/chartreuese

YO ZURI: Crystal Minnow (floating) Holographic Red Head, Clown, Orange Back Gold

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